About Us

At Alpaca Annie we like to be different, that is why you can commission your own clothing! We love Alpaca knitwear and know its comfort, warmth and cashmere like qualities are like no other wool! Simply look through our selection of wool & either call or use our contact form with your requirements and we will create gorgeous bespoke Alpaca knitwear for you!

Alpacas are docile animals with very individual personalities; they are funny, intelligent, social and affectionate. Alpacas do not shed their fibre, so they are shorn once a year and the rest of the time have fun on the farm meeting their adoptive parents and going for treks! You can adopt an Alpaca for a year and learn all about these adorable herd animals, arrange a visit today to come meet your Alpaca on the Farm! Each adoption purchased comes with a lovely Adoption Pack which includes a selection of our Alpaca gifts!

Alpaca fibre is similar to sheep’s wool in many ways, yet it is much lighter, softer and contains no lanolin – meaning Alpaca products are hypoallergenic (an excellent choice for asthma and allergy sufferers). This quality means the fibre has excellent insulating properties. Perfect for clothing and bedding.

About Alpacas

Alpacas are one of four members of the South American camelid species. They are hardy, intelligent and love company thus the strong herd instinct. Alpacas are generally very alert and have very good eyesight and they are normally gentle with humans and other animals, making them good pets. They are fascinating, quiet animals and are low maintenance. They mix well with other herd animals such as sheep.

When alpacas are alerted to danger they can scream, a piercing scream, it is an alarm to alert other animals and herd/flock owners to danger, they do not like dogs or foxes.
Alpacas were treasured by the ancient Incan civilization, their fine fleeces were reserved for Incan royalty. Today, their fleeces are increasingly sought after for fine quality garments.

Alpaca fibre is as soft as cashmere but one of the strongest animal fibres in the world. This animal fibre uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool with incomparable insulating qualities to protect the alpacas from the extreme temperatures found in their homeland of the Andes. They do not shed their fibre and have to be shorn; the fleece is a valuable commodity. It is used for many different applications, due to its unique qualities as you will see on our website.