Both Niko and Peter Michael were born on the same day, 45 minutes apart, hence being the best of friends and not far away from each other. Peter Michael is a very small chap, but can be very chatty – a lovely sound! His favourite place is standing under the hayrack, and is often covered in hay.
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    Hi Karen, the lovely Lara and Julie

    Have just been and now I pick up the reminder. How efficient.We had such a wonderful time and I would like to thank you so very much.So soothing and how knowledgeable you are about such beautiful creatures. They do you credit, because you look after them so very well. Such fun was it real I wonder?

    Again thank you all so very much. Am still floating. On behalf of us all many thanks.
    Best wishes, keep trekking
    Love Veronica

    Lovely words from a very happy trekker!!!

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    Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had on the trek – the alpacas are lovely, Lara was fab and the chap helping her was so knowledgeable – I have recommend this to my friends – thank you again.