Hire Alpacas

Why choose an Alpaca?

Alpacas as ‘Guardians’ Alpacas can be used as guardians for other farm animals. They integrate well with sheep as they are herd animals and are especially useful during lambing time. They have also been used to protect chickens.

Alpacas are low maintenance animals and have the same diet as sheep, although they cannot lick and therefore require a mineral supplement rather than a block.

Alpacas will chase predators, canines and foxes which they dislike. They are very fast and will stamp at or on the attacker by using their front feet. They rise off the ground onto their back legs and bring their front legs down with considerable force and speed. Also when alpacas feel threatened they can emit a piercing alarm scream to alert the herd and others to the danger.


Guardians should be introduced into flocks with plenty of time to bond, possibly 4-6 weeks prior to the start of lambing. They will stay fairly close to the flock not only for companionship but also as a protector.

We have a number of wether’s ideal for this purpose on the farm and we loan them on a weekly basis at very competitive prices.

For further details, prices, inquiries, please email office@alpacaannie.com.

Please note we only let our alpacas go to 4 year testing Parishes for TB.