Adopt Milkshake Monkey – Alpaca Annie

Adopt milkshake monkey

Adopt Milkshake Monkey – Alpaca Annie


Adopt Milkshake Monkey – Alpaca Annie were visited last year by the Channel Five pre school programme of the same name.  Milkshake decided to be born on the same day whilst the film crew were filming, hence the name!  You can visit ‘You Tube’ to see the programme.

Along with his best friend Showers, Milkshake is also starting on his journey as a trekking boy, he has only just learnt what carrots are and takes them very gently from the hand.  Milkshake is a very polite and well mannered alpaca, he waits for his carrots and food.  The two boys are inseparable in the field, another hooligan who loved chasing the other baby alpacas, when they were younger!

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