Stud Hire and Sale

We always have alpacas for sale; depending on your needs we can recommend the alpaca to suit you, please contact us today for more information.

We sell halter trained, well behaved, lovable, non-breeding male alpacas for guardianship or as pets. Subject to availability.
Email for more information, prices, etc: [email protected]

Please note alpacas are herd animals and should not be kept by themselves.

Alpaca Guardians, Pets or Companions

Wethers are ideal for protecting sheep and their lambs, goats and their kids and even chicken from predators. They have been successfully used in Australia for this purpose increasing lamb survival rates and they are now being used more and more in the UK. Their fleeces are a valuable commodity and are in high demand. Alpacas are shorn at the same time of year as sheep and live with them happily.

Pets/ Companions – Alpacas make great pets, they are very good at mowing the grass and provide a fleece that can be sold or spun and made into clothing. They are gentle, sensitive animals, easy to maintain and can be walked on a halter. They are fun for all the family and provide a treat and talking point for friends and visitors.